Product Info

Main Characteristics Native Gaming Apps
Trader WFS, Inc.
Responsible Person Yota Yanagihara
Location Roppongi Hills Gate Tower, 6-11-1,
Roppongi Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-0032, Japan
Customer Service Roppongi Hills Gate Tower, 6-11-1,
Roppongi Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-0032, Japan
Total Price Please refer the descriptions of the price on the screen of your device to purchase the digital content available in our service including in-game currency and item(s) ("Digital Content(s)").
User shall bear the expense to use the internet.
The method of payment i) To purchase the in-game currency:

To pay the fee through Apple App Store.

The payment method available in App Store is referred your account information of App Store.

ii) To purchase the item(s) available in the service

To consume the in-game currency.
Functionality Language: English, French and Germany
Access Type: Download
Tracking: The trader processes information about your use of this service for market reserch etc. For the details, please refer our privacy policy.
Geographical Restriction(s): The natural person located in Member states of European Economic Area other than Belgigue may access this service
Software and Hardware: Android 4.4 or newer. Memory (RAM); More than 2GB
Even when using a device that meets a requirement of software and hardware, it may not operate normally depending on the device performance, specifications, and application usage status of the device.
Contract Duration: Indeterminate
Termination by User:

User may terminate this contract by stopping the access and usage of this service for any reason at his/her sole discretion. PLEASE NOTE, UNLESS OTHERWISE PROVIDED BY APPLICABLE LAW, USER MAY NOT RECEIVE A REFUND OF PURCHASE PRICE FOR DIGITAL CONTENT(S).

Termination by Trader:

Trader may terminate this contract by ceasing the provision of this service for any reason at its sole discretion with ninty (90) days prior notice.