If we surpass over 150,000 pre-registrations, an in-game item called the “Princess’ Prayer Fragment” used to obtain the 4 Star character “Miyu” will be awarded to all participants.

How to participate

Performing any one of the following actions will successfully complete pre-registration.

Pre-registration period

Available from January 8, 2019 until the day before the app launches.

How the total number of participants are calculated

Every participating member from each of the pre-registration methods listed above will count towards the 150,000 goal.

About the campaign rewards and requirements

  • The campaign reward is an in-game item called “The Princess’ Prayer Fragment” used to obtain the 4 Star character “Miyu”.
  • The above item is available from launch and can be obtained upon reaching "New Beginnings" in Another Eden after installing the game.
  • Please be aware that this item will no longer be obtainable after version update 1.1.100.


  • This campaign may suddenly change or cancel without prior notification.
  • Any internet or data connection charges that apply while participating in this campaign shall be incurred at the expense of the participating user.